Fall 2018 Learning Plan

I’ve hit a plateau in my dev learning lately. Time for new mini-project to spice things up and carry me into new territory!

The Mini-Project

The project will be a simple little web app for tracking credit cards to help with travel hacking.

Some background: I’ve been getting more into travel hacking lately, which is the process of opening specific reward credit cards, spending enough to get the opening bonus, and then moving on to the next card. The trick is the be strategic, organized, never carry a balance between months, and never spend more than you otherwise would.

I’ve used a Google Sheets doc to track cards up to this point, which works ok… but even better would be a well designed app that can keep me more organized, keep track of dates, send reminders, track points, and so on.

I’ve only found one other product dedicated to this (AwardWallet), and it kind of sucks.

The Tech

Along with launching the project, my other main goal is to get my hands dirty with a few new web development tools I’ve been meaning to learn:

Back end:

Lots of exciting stuff here. GraphQL with an AWS serverless setup. With the exception of a couple tutorials and very small one-off projects, this will all be new to me.

Front end:

React. My bread and butter… no changes here. But interacting with a GraphQL backend will be new territory. I’m trying cement my CSS grid skills, so I’ll be reaching for that for as many layouts as make sense. I’m not sure yet if I’ll use Redux for state management. I’d love to replace it with React’s new Context API, but that may be too much new material for one mini-project. Similarly, I’ve been wanting to try out TypeScript, but I may save it for next time as well.


With this much new stuff, I’ll be starting things off with going through a few courses/tutorials solidify my understanding of the fundamentals. Here’s the list:


(I’m planning to keep this post updated throughout the project… check back soon!)

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