Project: My Rent Will Buy

A Ruby on Rails web app for getting a mortgage qualification estimate. Backed with a PostgreSQL database and featuring automatic email notifications.

My Rent Will Buy is a web app geared toward toward helping potential home buyers quickly learn how much they may be able to qualify for. By answering a few simple questions, they get a quick estimate, as well the information of a local mortgage officer.

This database-backed Ruby on Rails web app can be used to help generate leads for real estate agents and mortgage lenders, and allows for a large amount of customization in regards to automatic followup emails, lead notifications, and more.

Key technical aspects of the project:

  • built with Ruby on Rails
  • database design and implementation with PostgreSQL
  • front-end implementation with Bootstrap 3 and SASS
  • customizable email templates for lead notifications and followups
The initial screen.
An email capture interface before displaying results.
The results page.
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