1. Coding, JavaScript, JS Basics

    Object.seal() and Object.freeze()

    The other day I saw Object.freeze() and Object.seal() on a list of common JavaScript interview topics, and took note as I’ve never really…
    13 Mar, 2020
  2. Reflection

    Goals That Actually Work

    It’s the new year, so a lot of people are thinking about goals. Myself included. A couple years ago I started treating my New Years…
    3 Jan, 2020
  3. Coding

    Fixing My MacBook Pro Random Shutdown Issue

    TL;DR: If you have a 2013, 2014, or 2015 MacBook Pro (either the 13 inch or 15 inch version), and are experiencing an issue with random…
    3 Dec, 2019
  4. Coding, Reflection

    Maximizing Daily Code Study

    On most weekdays, I try to set aside about an hour to learn new coding topics and concepts. I don’t always reach that goal, but I’m able to…
    23 Nov, 2019
  5. Coding, React

    How to Use Environment Variables with Create-React-App

    Environment Variables are a critical tool in getting your app set up correctly, but can be tricky for beginners. Create React App also has a…
    28 Oct, 2019
  6. Coding

    Using VSCode Snippets Within a Styled Components Tagged Template Literal

    I’m a huge fan of the CSS-in-JS library Styled Components, but I recently had an issue I struggled to solve: my Visual Studio Code snippets…
    19 Oct, 2019
  7. Coding

    How to Sync VSCode Settings & Snippets Between Computers

    I had to take my laptop into the Apple Store for service the other day, and was left using my wife’s super old computer for a few days…
    5 Oct, 2019
  8. Coding, JavaScript, JS Basics

    JS Basics: Value vs. Reference

    In JavaScript, a variable can point to a value, or to a reference to a value. It’s easiest to explain with code: No surprises here. Lines…
    9 Sep, 2019
  9. Coding, JavaScript, React

    Anchor tags vs Link components in React: Pick the right option by answering one simple question

    I came across a question on the ReactJS reddit forum today, where someone new to React asked a question similar to one I remember having…
    15 Apr, 2019
  10. Coding, JavaScript, JS Basics

    JS Basics: The JavaScript Event Loop

    From time to time, I get a hankering to dive into a topic and crystallize any fuzziness in my understanding. Today is a classic- the…
    5 Apr, 2019
  11. Coding

    A DIY Trackball Stand That Fixed My Wrist Pain

    I spend a lot of time working at a computer, which means I spend a lot of time using a keyboard and mouse. A couple years ago I started to…
    19 Mar, 2019
  12. Side Projects

    Define Success Before You Start

    I love starting new side projects. The promise of a clean slate, choosing a fresh, new design, picking the latest and greatest tech stack…
    22 Nov, 2018
  13. Serverless, Coding

    Using AWS Lambda to Automatically Watermark Images on S3

    Hello friends! The other day I solved an interesting problem in an interesting way, and wanted to document the process just in case it can…
    27 Oct, 2018
  14. React Native, Coding

    StyleSheet.absoluteFill (and other React Native StyleSheet helpers)

    One of my dev goals for the years is leveling up my skills around creating delightful, silky smooth animations (in the web and with React…
    10 Sep, 2018
  15. Coding, React

    React setState() in Depth

    I was inspired by this tweet by Kent C. Dodds to dig into React’s setState a bit more: Low and behold, I did indeed find quite a bit I wasn…
    30 Jul, 2018
  16. Sales, Side Projects

    Notes from "How To Build a Solo SaaS Sales Machine"

    I’ve been needing some motivation and ideas for getting a side project off the ground, and ran across a video from Steli Efti at MicroConf a…
    15 Jul, 2018
  17. Coding, React

    React Fragments in 2 Minutes

    Sometimes there are topics I hear about and want to dig into, but don’t have time to right away. Then my mind starts to play tricks on me…
    7 May, 2018
  18. Coding, React

    Exploring React's Updated Context API

    What is it? In v16.3, React included a new Context API, aimed at making it easier to pass data down to children that are multiple levels…
    5 May, 2018