Hey, I'm Mark πŸ‘‹

I'm a developer and maker, building primarily with JavaScript and React. Welcome to my digital garden. 🌱

Along with crafting software, I enjoy house projects, MTB and gravel cycling, skiing, and splitting time between the corn fields of Iowa and the mountains of Idaho. β›°

Latest Projects

  • PhotoInvoice
    An invoicing platform for real estate photographers
    A multi-year labor of love, and my biggest personal project to date. PhotoInvoice is a SaaS invoicing platform that lets photographers show watermarked sample photos and requiring payment before the client can download the finals.
  • DailyAffirm
    An iOS app for daily reviewing goals and affirmations
    A simple and fun app to enourage reviewing your goals and affirmations every day. It had been awhile since I'd built and released a mobile app, and this helped scratch that itch. No backend for this project, just React Native and Expo, with data stored locally.

Hi, I'm Mark! πŸ‘‹

I'm a software developer, maker, cyclist, skiier, explorer, and DIY enthusist.

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