Pixel-perfect development for your next website or app.

Hi, I'm Mark! 👋

I'm a software developer, designer, and digital strategist. I partner with clients to help plan and build their next website, app, or digital asset.

Along with client work, I sharpen my skills by building and launching indie products (my most recent is Photo Invoice).

Looking to hire for your next website or app?

You can expect excellent communication, on-time delivery, and rock‑solid development that moves your business forward.

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Recent Projects

Photo Invoice
Designed and developed the sales website (GatsbyJS), web application (React) and backend (Node/MongoDB) for a full-featured SaaS startup.
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Admin Console
A mobile app for iOS and Android built with React Native, the Expo framework, and Redux for application state management.
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A mobile-friendly WordPress site displaying full-page imagery, photo galleries, and online scheduling. Uses a child theme for needed customizations.
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