Project: Show and Tour

This Ruby on Rails based web app allows real estate photographers and agents to create virtual tours highlighting their listings. Includes S3-hosted image uploads, Stripe integration, and multiple themes.

Photographers can log in, create a new tour, enter the home’s information, upload photos, and choose a tour theme. There are also various other settings and features, including lead capture forms, photo credits, and more. This virtual tour can then be sold or given to the real estate agent listing the home for marketing purposes.

I began work on Show and Tour in March of 2014. It has served as an excellent sample project to flesh out many of the web development skills I’d been gaining from studying online resources. I needed a sandbox to put concepts into practice, and Show & Tour was just that.

Key technical aspects:
  • Built with Ruby on Rails (and Bootstrap)
  • database design and implementation with PostgreSQL
  • integration with Stripe for payment processing (subscription and per tour options)
  • CSS & JS management of multiple active themes (for sales pages & tour theme options)
  • intuitive tour creation with user-friendly design
  • multiple, simultaneous image uploads and processing, done via a background process
  • cookie-based lead generation modals with optional email notifications
The front introduction and sales page.
A sample virtual tour page, showing a property's photos, description, map, and more.
Another sample virtual tour page, displaying the property in another theme option.
The dashboard, showing recently created tours.
The tour edit page, where details and photos can be updated and managed.
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