Anchor tags vs Link components in React: Pick the right option by answering one simple question

Apr 15, 2019

I came across a question on the ReactJS reddit forum today, where someone new to React asked a question similar to one I remember having when I was starting out:

Should I convert all my anchor tags to Link components?

When writing React code and needing to link to a new URL, there are a couple options that probably come to mind:

	// a normal-looking, HTML-style a tag:
	<a href="">Click Here!</a>

	// some kind of Link component, provided by React/Reach Router, Gatsby, etc
	<Link to="/example">Click Here!</Link>

So how do you know which one to use? Answer this one question:

Am I linking to somewhere outside my app, or to somewhere internal?

  1. If linking to an external page that is not a part of your React application, use an
    tag link.
  2. If linking to a different URL within your app, use the
    component. This will (depending on the routing library you’re using) still ultimately render a semantically valid
    tag, but doesn’t refresh the page and gives you additional prop options that can be super handy (check your routing library’s docs for details).

That’s it! Happy linking!

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