How to use the Styled Components Babel plugin with create-react-app

Aug 22, 2022

I love Styled Components, and have used it for years as my preferred CSS-in-JS library. But one annoyance is the randomly-generated class names can make using the inspector difficult:

Luckily, styled-components offers a Babel plugin to automatically add the React component display name to the generated classes (as well as in your React DevTools), which ends up looking like this:

In a large and complex app, this is immensely helpful. So let’s dig into getting this working with create-react-app.

Import using the macro

To initially get this working with create-react-app, it’s only one small change. At the top of your file, rather than importing styled-components the normal way, you add a

, like this:

// import styled from 'styled-components' <- old way

import styled from 'styled-components/macro' // ✨ new way

When you update the import statement to import from

, it will transpile your code using a Babel Macro and you’ll immediately start seeing the component names in the inspector.

One note, if you want this turned on everywhere in your app, you’ll need to update all your styled-components import statements (in every file).

What about on production?

By default, when importing via

, the updated class names will also show up in your production build. They are not dev-environment-only by default. If you don’t want the updated class names to show up on production, you’ll need to add a configuration file to specify that:

  1. Create a file in the root of your create-react-app project, with the filename of
  2. Add this:
module.exports = {
  styledComponents: {
    displayName: process.env.NODE_ENV !== "production"

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